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Turn Back the Clock With ThreeForMe™ Skin Rejuvenation

Smooth, even-toned, glowing skin is often associated with youth, and your wrinkles, creases, facial veins, and sun spots may make you appear older than your age.

But you no longer have to simply live with these skin imperfections. You can turn back the clock and restore a more youthful look with ThreeForMe™ skin rejuvenation.

At Palmetto Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer the best beauty treatments available and use the gentle ThreeForMe aesthetic tool to smooth out lines and wrinkles and even out your skin tone without pain or downtime.
The power of ThreeForMe

Not too long ago, your only option for restoring your youthful look was plastic surgery, which required you to hide for weeks until the swelling and bruising went away. But with advances in medical technology, we can now improve the look and health of your skin with gentle laser treatment.

ThreeForMe is a versatile aesthetic tool that allows us to treat many common beauty concerns. The advanced tool is equipped with two lasers, including intense pulsed light (IPL™) and a nonablative microbeam laser. The IPL laser uses quick, targeted flashes of laser light energy to erase skin discoloration, including your sun spots, freckles, and facial veins.

We use the nonablative microbeam laser for your lines and wrinkles. This innovative laser has the ability to bypass the top layer of your skin, so there’s no damage, and penetrate into the deeper layers. The heat energy that the ThreeForMe microbeam laser creates stimulates the cells in your skin to increase its production of collagen, which is the protein in your skin that provides strength and elasticity.
Never too early for skin rejuvenation

When it comes to aging, the sun is your biggest enemy. If you weren’t as diligent about the use of sunblock as a kid or teen, you may be showing signs of aging in adulthood. The ultraviolet light from the sun damages your skin and may cause dark patches (referred to as sun spots) to appear on your cheeks, nose, or forehead.

Additionally, collagen production slows down as you get older. In fact, once you hit age 30, your body loses 1% of its collagen every year. Lack of collagen means less support and strength in your skin, which leads to the development of lines and creases.

Taking good care of your skin at an early age may help delay the signs of aging. ThreeForMe is so gentle, it’s safe for all skin types. In fact, the skin rejuvenating tool is safe for anyone age 18 years and older. If you’re unhappy with the tone or texture of your skin, no matter your age, we can determine if ThreeForMe is the right treatment to rejuvenate your look.
Gentle and quick  

Not only is ThreeForMe safe for all skin types and ages; it’s also gentle and quick. We can treat your skin with both lasers in about 30 minutes. To make sure you’re comfortable throughout your treatment, we use a numbing agent that we apply to your skin before we get started.

Once you’re prepped and ready, we start treatment with the IPL laser to remove skin pigmentation, then we follow up with the microbeam laser. Your skin may be slightly reddened following your treatment, but this side effect should resolve within a few days, and there’s no need for downtime following your skin rejuvenation session.

Because the ThreeForMe lasers are so gentle on your skin, we may recommend a series of treatments, usually no more than three, set at monthly intervals for the most dramatic results.

You may notice an improvement in your skin immediately following your ThreeForMe treatment. Any dark spots treated with the IPL laser may first darken and then flake off, revealing the younger, lighter skin underneath. Then, over the next six months or so as your skin replenishes its collagen stores, you should start to see a smoothing and lifting of your skin as the strength and elasticity return.

When it comes to rejuvenating your look, surgery and downtime aren’t necessary when you have advanced beauty tools like ThreeForMe. To schedule a consultation with our aesthetic and beauty experts at Palmetto Aesthetics and Wellness, call the office or book online today.

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