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Start Laser Hair Removal Now and Be Silky Smooth by Spring

Tired of the hassles of shaving and waxing your legs, arms, or bikini area?  Then laser hair removal could be a great choice for you.  And as it turns out, your timing couldn’t be better. 

Why?  Because winter is the perfect time to have laser hair removal treatments at Palmetto Aesthetics and Wellness.  That’s right.  Even though donning a bathing suit might be the furthest thing from your mind right now, scheduling your laser hair treatments is a smart move.  Here are several reasons why.
The sun is slumbering

South Carolina is a great place to soak up some rays in the summer and even in the warmer months of spring and fall.  But during the winter, when the sun is lower in the sky and setting a lot earlier, getting your tan on is a lot harder.  Less sunshine might not seem like a good thing but consider this:  Before and after laser hair removal, you’ll need to avoid spending a lot of time in the sun.  And since there’s not a lot of sun in the winter months anyway, it’s as if this time of year is just custom-made for laser hair removal.  If you wait until spring or summer for your treatments, you’ll have to skip the tan and the beach, at least for several weeks.  But this time of year, when weekends and evenings are best spent cuddling up on the couch, you won’t be missing much by staying indoors.
Baby, it’s cold outside

The chilly weather of winter means you’re not as likely to want to wear skin-baring clothing like bathing suits, shorts, or skimpy skirts.  And that can work in your favor too.  Not only will you be decreasing the risk of excess sun exposure to newly treated skin, but winter’s sweaters and jeans will cover up the fuzzy aftereffects of treatment.  Sure, you could shave away the stubbly fuzz left in the weeks immediately following each treatment.  But since it’s winter, you can take a more relaxed approach and not worry about it.
You’re tan-free

Laser hair removal works like this:  The pigment in your hair absorbs the laser energy, which heats up the hair follicle and destroys it.  Generally speaking, the darker the hair, the more energy it can absorb.  When your skin is suntanned, more of the energy will be absorbed by the pigment in your skin, leaving less for your hair follicle.  That’s why you’ll need to avoid tanning for a few weeks before your laser hair treatments.  Now, in the summer, avoiding a tan can be difficult, especially if you really like the way a suntan makes your skin glow.  But in the winter, going tan-free is “natural.”  Just one more reason why having your treatments during winter makes a lot more sense.
You’ll be one jump ahead of spring

Your hair grows in cycles or phases.  There’s a growth phase, a resting phase, and a shedding phase, and all your hair won’t be in the same stage at the same time.  Laser hair removal works best when it’s performed during the growth phase of hair.  So, to get the best results, you’re going to need more than one treatment.  Since each treatment is spaced several weeks apart, it can take a while before all your hair has been successfully treated.  And that’s one of the biggest benefits of having laser hair removal treatments in the winter:  They can be all finished by the time the warm sun of spring makes its way back to South Carolina.
Schedule your laser hair removal treatments today

Laser hair removal eliminates the need to spend hours every week shaving, and it also means you can avoid the hassle and pain of waxing.  And getting started now with your treatments means you can enjoy sexier, sleeker skin well before bathing-suit season arrives.  To schedule your laser hair removal treatments at Palmetto Aesthetics and Wellness, book an appointment online today!

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